Wince updating registry values write a great dating profile


That said, sometimes there's no other way to do what you need to do...

| | Enabled by default since wine-1.5.10; removed in Wine 2.1.] | | | -Check Float Constants | | [Range check float constants in d3d9 shaders.

Use this to workaround | | application bugs like

id=34052, | | usually resulting in geometry glitches.

Enabling this has a small performance | | impact, default is disabled.] | | | -csmt | | [DWORD Value (REG_DWORD): Enable (0x1, default) or disable (0x0) the multi-threaded | | command stream feature.

This serialises rendering commands from different threads into | | a single rendering thread, in order to avoid the excessive gl Flush()'es that would otherwise | | be required for correct rendering.

This deprecates the "Strict Draw Ordering" setting.

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