Who is the octomom dating

Parenting children is an accomplishment a lot of women dream of – but being a mother of 14 gives a whole new meaning to the concept of motherhood.

Now, Nadya Suleman reveals the truth behind the choice that changed her life for good.

Nadya had her life sorted – or at least, that’s what she thought.

After marrying Marcos Gutierrez in 1996, the couple was ready to take the next step in their relationship and bring children into the world. After taking a series of tests and approaching different doctors, they found out Marcos was sterile.

They discussed several different alternative solutions to their problem, but the heartbreaking news of Nadya’s and Marcos’s inability to have children was too much – and it tore them apart.

The last straw was when Nadya suggested they try in vitro fertilization (IVF), Marcos simply would not hear of it.

He objected to the idea so strongly that he declared brazenly that were she to go through with it – they are done.

With great pain, she decided it was time to end things with Marcos.After their separation, Nadya went ahead with the IVF treatments, but it didn’t go according to plan.In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a decent solution for women who wish to get pregnant, but are unable to do so the natural way.When conceiving a baby the way babies are usually conceived is out of the question, technology and modern medicine step in.Through “assisted reproductive technology,” artificial insemination is implemented.This way, the egg and sperm are brought together and have an easier time developing outside of a woman’s womb and with the guidance of a certified physician.

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