Who is nivea dating in 2016


Christina Milian hasn't publicly admitted that she's dating Lil Wayne, but the cat's pretty much out of the bag at this point.

Nivea can’t get away with pushing this skin lightening agenda across Africa.

Appalling.” Some Twitter users said Nivea is responding to consumer demand for skin-lightening products.

Nivea’s controversial ad campaign follows the criticism directed at Dove last week for their body wash Facebook advert, which showed a black woman taking off her t-shirt to reveal a white woman underneath.

Dove apologised for its advert, writing on Twitter: “An image we recently posted on Facebook missed the mark of representing women of colour thoughtfully.

We deeply regret the offence it caused.” The model in the Dove advert subsequently wrote in about her decision to take part in the campaign explaining that its original message was promoting diversity and that the viral snapshots from the advert were taken out of context.

Nivea's parent company was not immediately available for comment.

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