Updating css profile


Welcome to the website for the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) at the University of Illinois at Chicago.The OSFA administers an array of federal, state and institutional programs.If you are in need of financial assistance, you are highly encouraged to complete the necessary paperwork by the appropriate deadlines.This website has been designed to provide you with all the information you may need about types and sources of financial aid, deadlines, how to contact staff, links to other important resources, etc.The CSS PROFILE is an electronic application provided by the College Board that Drexel uses to determine eligibility for Drexel need-based grant funding.Both domestic and international freshmen and full-time on-campus transfer applicants should complete the CSS PROFILE.The CSS PROFILE becomes available each year on October 1 on the College Board website.Before completing the CSS PROFILE, consider the following: For freshman applicants whose parents are divorced, separated, or not married, an additional CSS PROFILE is required to be completed by their noncustodial parent (previously known as the Noncustodial Parent PROFILE).

If you are required to have your noncustodial parent complete a CSS PROFILE, you will be notified by the College Board when you submit your initial PROFILE.The notification will provide next steps for you, which include contacting your noncustodial parent and directing them to complete the CSS PROFILE online.In certain cases where a student cannot reasonably obtain the necessary information, Drexel will waive the requirement of a CSS PROFILE from your noncustodial parent.If your noncustodial parent is unable to complete a CSS PROFILE, please submit the Noncustodial Parent CSS PROFILE Waiver Request [PDF] along with supporting documentation via Discover Drexel.Drexel will review your request and email you with a final decision.You should keep in mind the following about the Waiver: Drexel strongly encourages you to use the institution's Noncustodial Parent CSS PROFILE Waiver Request Form; however, if you submit the waiver form provided by Collegeboard, please include your Drexel ID number and upload the document via your Discover Drexel account.

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