Tabula rasa patch not updating


Created at a World Spring with an Infinity Frame, Shapestone, zone-specific ingredient, and Glim , they'll expand your world and create a new Biome based on the type of Terraformer you create.In order to use a Terraformer, the player must have Leader or Officer privileges on the club world.

Your power pool as a Guardian will be necessary as soon as you start to gather the skills that are more useful for Pv P. Body: By putting points into body you are mainly getting some hitpoints and secondarily getting some power.

With the current effects of Body, Mind, and Spirit, I decided to go with a spec that was 0-3-0. At the current time with hitpoints as low as they are it doesn’t seem like a viable strategy to put points into Body.

Your armor will always be about 8-10x the amount of your HP, so it seems like a waste to put points into it.

This will probably change when the next patch goes in when the effects of Body/Mind/Spirit are altered and there is an increase in HP. Mind: By putting points into mind you are given mainly power and secondarily regen.

Power is very important as a Guardian for Pv P, and for Pv E it is valuable as well.

A guardian has many skills that require high amounts of power and it is important to have as much as you can, thus why points spent in Mind are important.

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