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4-cylinder Front Cover Compression Testing Crankcase Breathing Cylinder Head Dating the Engine Dipstick!(and sumps) Engine Mounts Exhaust Clamps Engine Number Tag Fault Diagnosis Gold Seal Engines Oil Cooler Oil Filters Oil Gauge Oil Hoses Oil Pressure Relief Valve Oil Pressure Warning Light Oils and ZDDP Oil Thrower Power Torque and Consumption Curves Rocker Cover Rockers Running-on Spark Plugs Tappet Chest Covers Timing Covers Timing Marks V8 Bearings V8 Cylinder Heads V8 Exhaust Manifolds V8 Hot Tapping V8 Inlet Manifold V8 Oil Flow V8 Oil Pump V8 Pistons V8 Starter V8 Front Cover V8 Topend Rebuild Vacuum Gauge Valve Clearances Valve Timing Water Pump Won't Start Won't Switch Off!Links Removal: January 2018: While draining the coolant when replacing the head gasket I noticed the front cover was a bit oily around the pulley, so while I was part the way there (coolant drained) I decided to replace the gasket and pulley oil seal, and investigate the timing chain, gears and tensioner, as that seems to have been a bit noisy lately.Really you need to remove the radiator, which means draining the coolant.Then remove the cooling fan, and its pulley, which means you can remove the fan-belt without having to move the alternator. Knock the crank pulley nut lock-tab back, and get a 1 5/16" socket on the bolt.

The pulley slid forwards - but not enough to come free before fouling the rack tube.

This is a chrome bumper, the engine is higher relative to the rack on rubber bumper cars, but the pulley may still foul.

I have a couple of options - jack the engine up and see if I have enough movement, but I doubt there will be on a CB; Undo the engine mounts, but that seems an awful lot of work; So I settled for unbolting the rack from the crossmember, and I could pull it forwards far enough for the pulley to clear it, even with the wheels on the ground.

I did remove the column UJ clamp bolt, but I don't think I needed to, it certainly didn't come far enough forwards to part the splines.

With that out of the way I remove the nine front cover bolts (three different sizes), and the cover comes away quite easily.

Despite the thick gasket there is white sealant both sides, which comes off the engine front plate easily enough, but needs a bit more encouragement in the recesses between the bolt holes.

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