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The finding of Reigate as a “little Nirvana” was no surprise to resident Wayne Smith, originally from Sunderland, but who now lives in the town with his wife Nina.

Wayne, 29, a personal trainer and dog rescue volunteer for Epsom Canine Rescue, said: “I love it.” Praising the town's stores, coffee shops, parks and “places to catch up,” he said: “I am getting a really good vibe about it.

There's a lot nicer bars around here, which bring a nicer clientele in to have a good time.” He said: “I certainly think it's a low crime area.

“In the High Street at night-times, I've never felt threatened coming home from bars.

“It seems there's a pretty good community spirit here, shown by how well-kept the facilities are – like Priory Park.

“It's one of the coolest parks in the area.” Lindsay Thompson, 65, of Chart Lane, Reigate, who was born in the town and has lived all her life in Reigate, working in a Reigate-based solicitors until her retirement, said: “You feel safe in Reigate and comfortable walking out on your own.

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