Saved woman dating unsaved man


Are you struggling to stay spiritual in a home that isn’t?

Do you beg your spouse every week to go to church with you? These are all questions that we have faced or are facing.

So I hope I am able to offer some hope and encouragement in regards to this subject.

The first thing I want you to know is don’t give up!!

Even though I know you are frustrated and don’t know what to do. You see I understand first hand this message, I lived it.

And sometimes truth be told it would be a lot easier to just give in and not live a Christian life, due to the problems and arguments it causes in the home. Like many woman I got saved first and I will admit it was hard to come home to an unspiritual man.

Its hard to raise your children according to Gods word when your mate is not saved.

It was very hard to stay positive every day when my spouse didn’t understand me anymore.

I suddenly became aware of every vulgar word and it would literally make my skin crawl and I would get so irritable when I would hear all that garbage coming from a show he was watching.

But the most important thing I learned about that season in my life, is you CANNOT make them do anything they don’t want to do! Just don’t give up on him or her, love them into the kingdom, pray them through! God didn’t put you together just to have sex, a house payment and a two car garage.

The more I begged him to go to church the less he wanted to. When you enter the kingdom of God, you receive an assignment.

The more I tried to “preach at him” the less interested he was. I began focusing on my walk and just began treating him with more kindness, I didn’t preach at him anymore and I became more forgiving. Your children have a divine assignment and the enemy wants to abort it.

I was so frustrated, so I just began seeking the Lord in prayer asking the Lord to help me change him. I just prayed for him every night that the Lord would change him. That’s why divorce is so devastating; it not only affects the husband and the wife, but it destroys God’s assignment for the entire family.”**There is a fantastic book out there called “Mission Possible” that will encourage you through Gods word and a powerful testimony of one woman’s struggle to serve God while her husband had nothing to do with God.

The Scriptures you are about to read clearly reveal how God spiritually views all wicked people, that is, the unsaved people.

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