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The special uses for which conformance to additional standards is required by this chapter (see the Schedules of Regulations, §§ 355-21, 355-22 and 355-23) shall be deemed to be permitted uses in their respective districts, subject to the satisfaction of the requirements and standards set forth herein, including such requirements as may be specified by the Town Board or Planning Board according to the provisions of §§ 355-37 and 355-38 in addition to all other requirements of this chapter.All such uses are declared to possess characteristics of such unique and special forms that each specific use shall be considered as an individual case.Application for issuance of a special permit use shall be submitted in 16 copies to the Town Clerk.If approval for a special permit use under § 355-40K is sought, application shall be made to the Planning Board.For special permit approval to either board, the application shall include the following: The name and address of the applicant, property owner(s) if other than the applicant and of the planner, engineer, architect, surveyor and/or other professionals engaged to work on the project.Where the applicant or owner is a corporation, the Town Board may require the names and addresses of all officers, directors and principal stockholders of said corporation.Written authorization from the owner(s) to submit the application shall be required where the applicant is not the owner of the affected property.

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Upon receipt of a completed application for a special permit, the Town Board shall forward for review and report copies of such application to the Planning Board and, where determined appropriate, one copy each to the Conservation Board and the Town Engineer.In addition, copies shall be forwarded to the Westchester County Planning Board when such proposed development abuts a state or county highway, park, drainage channel or building site and to the clerk of any abutting municipality where the property proposed for such development is located within 500 feet of such municipality in accordance with Sections 451 and 452 of Article 15 of the Westchester County Administrative Code.[1] Said agencies shall have 30 days from the date of forwarding to submit a report.No public hearing may be held until all requested reports have been received by the Town Board or the 30 days have elapsed, whichever comes first.A public hearing on an application for a special permit shall be scheduled and conducted by the Town Board within 60 days of the date the application is received, unless this time limit is waived by the applicant.Notice of any hearing before the Town Board shall be published in a newspaper circulating within the Town of North Castle at least 10 days prior to the date of said hearing; any mailing of notices that may be required by the Town Board shall be at least 10 days before such hearing.The preparation and cost of publication and mailing of any notice required for such hearing shall be at the cost and expense of the applicant.

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