No signups no money just text and fuck

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In the past I have had that happen to me and in a couple of cases I have beat out other guys. As for "not asking to meet", just remember when you are not doing that, six other guys course 6 other guys are, maybe 60 other guys.....see, do you want to be just like the 60 other guys and persue her in hopes of getting to meet up?And you know when the other deal falls through - she will be back on IM or the phone saying "hi". I say fak that..they're interested in you and intelligent enough to not feed off the 60 guys fake compliments then they'll give u hints to meet up.....otherwise who cares..reason why anyone should play into the games they apparently aren't playing.Actually she will just hang out in IM waiting for someone to contact her. these Internet dating sites are a very dangerous weapon towards women...especially the younger attractive ones....the attention they get from guys make them believe their's kind of funny. They are not really lying to you but they are pursing more than one option.They sort of tend to lose their grip on reality, and walk around with an aura of unbelievable conceit most times, so the nicer more genuine guys tend to get lost in the mix of dogs. One thing I learned about Internet sex is you have to be fairly pushy and fast.In the past I have had that happen to me and in a couple of cases I have beat out other guys ... There's a bit of irony on how to play the cyberdating game when you compare it to what most girls want. And while girls want a gentleman, they tend to go for the agreesive dude first and are all playing games ^BS to get sex games..... Sure won't be anyone or anything goodto come out of your nonsense Guys like you are why the decent women stop meeting guysfrom online sites.Integrity will always be a rare item in human nature; just take a look at our so called leaders in politics and business. The ego dominates in most of us, and thus we all are blinded by that poison.

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