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Greenhall says Kane confessed her “racist past” and told Greenhall about her relationship with Andrew Auernheimer, otherwise known as weev, when they were still on speaking terms.“What concerned me about these revelations was not that Shanley has had a relationship with weev where she participated in making racist jokes,” wrote Greenhall, “but that she did that so recently before starting a publication focused on diversity.“Had I known about these things before we were well into running the company, I doubt I would have chosen her as a co-founder.As it was, at the end of our 6 months of working together, I came away unsure if she had actually fundamentally changed from that past or not.” “I left Model View Culture because working with Shanley felt like I was in an abusive relationship,” said Greenhall. Eventually I was able to see many of the things I was experiencing – such as yelling, excuses that the yelling was just because she needed me so much, her demands that I isolate myself from my friends – as classic abuser tactics.I woke up one morning with the bone-deep realization that I could no longer work with her.” Greenhall says Kane scrubbed her from history when she left the company: “Shanley has since erased me from Model View Culture’s history.Fighting erasure of work is a feminist issue, and also one that Shanley is aware of and has specifically addressed in the past.

On 11 August last year, Kane tweeted that she had given up “decades of work” to become a professional feminist critic.

Then, on 18 January, in response to our reporting, she wrote that she: “didn’t understand the abuse dynamics in my own relationships, i was only starting to open my eyes to tech’s shit.

i was in my 2nd tech job.” Kane’s critics have been asking: given that she is 28 years old, how could she have given up “decades” of work to found Kane alleged on Twitter that our report on Saturday, which took the form of an interview with Auernheimer, is based on the testimony of a “scumbag” and “abusive piece of shit” who is “bitter” over the ending of their relationship.

“The part of the story left out of course,” she adds, “is how I dumped his ass and he cried like a fucking baby for a month.

You would too.” She says Andrew Auernheimer is a “serial harasser” and “domestic abuser…

primarily known for abusing and terrorizing women and lying to the press.” She adds that he was “abusive loser who manipulated me, blackmailed me, lied to me and continues to abuse me.” These are serious charges.

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