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The Salinger Sisters Series spins the tales of four sisters who find love–in spite of themselves.

The love–and laughs–began in Love on the Run and continue in Book Two, A Match Made in Heaven.

Lucy Salinger has always been brilliant at making matches–for everyone else.

But though she is owner and leading “matchmaker” at one of the most prestigious dating services in Los Angeles, Lucy finds herself withdrawing from every man who might be interested in dating her.

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Shari Mac Donald has written numerous Christian novels, including the three-book Salinger Sisters series.My job is to create fun events, bring people together and let the universe do the rest. He first started coming to my events back in 2008 when I first got started.Rarely am I kept in the loop, as to who connected with who, unless the couple is kind enough to share their story. Steve was patient in his search, and many times left the event knowing that maybe he made a few new friends, but not a match made in heaven.Well, about a year ago- Steve G met Diane at one of my events.I thought Diane had made a good connection with another gentleman whom we will call “SAM” that evening, not necessarily Steve.Diane and Steve had “picked” each other for a match however.

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