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Yet, the 28-year-old, who works at the Ministry of Defence, was not just grieving for her 44-year-old mother Michaela, who had been strangled to death with her own dressing gown cord.

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“It may have “Sidney, Ohio” on the bottom or just “Sidney O.” This indicates that the piece was made by Wagner Ware before 1922.

Many early pieces are labeled as “Wagner” with the name in quotation marks.

The company used this early marking prior to 1922, sometimes in combination with the Sidney name.

This indicates that the piece is an authentic Wagner.

Wagner made molded cast iron with a polished exterior and interior, and the best production was from 1920 to 1940.

An article in “The Kansan” reports that manufacturers of cast iron during that period polished it in a drum or turned it on a lathe to make cooking surfaces smooth.” For a good Griswold time line with how the company was passed down see some point, around the 1950s, manufacturers began to use dimensional descriptions on the pieces, such as “10 5/8 IN.” or “6-1/2 Inch Skillet” spelled out.

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