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From the moment you arrived home at the end of the tour, and the trip came to an end, no more arranging of luggage here and there, how did the seed of this album started?Were you already thinking about the album issue or it was just aimlessly in the air?Marisa: When the tour came to an end I was sort of dived into a moment of silence, that kind of thing, you know? I already had some of these music done, ready or started during the tour, but I needed to relax at home for sometime, I needed this period of life, normal thing of the everyday life…Without much interruption, without much discontinuity, without much adaptation to different realities…every blessed day one hotel, a different food, a time schedule, a time zone, a different language..At this moment, I had more opportunity to meet my partners, finish those things already started, watch shows of other singers or musicians and cherish or nourish the relations, which lead to the transformation of this new work. Actually, this album is a selection of some music which I made during these last three or four years.

During this period in which we were in the studio, the idea of recording music came up.It already there with some words, something that we did together at that moment, with some pieces of the musical letter. When he came to Rio, he brought with him what he already did.So then, we made the finishing touch and I found that it had to do with the rest of the entire album.It is all about the is desired and about paying the price for it, even though it looks crazy for everybody around.The music is in the first person and it says: “Go, you can talk, you can write, I will surrender myself”.It is about the recognition and the conquest of desire.

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