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No need to book travel plans for a first date across the country.

I would highly recommend your company as a source for meeting that special person. Most of the conversation centered around family which was nice.

Although it doesn’t happen overnight, with the determination your team puts forth and a willing and open from the client, I’m living proof that successful relationships do happen! Meeting Cindy could be one of the great events of my life. I really like the fact that he is such a family man and very involved in his children/grandchildren's lives.

Nicole signed me up (Delma) two hours later signed Kinda up that same day. Please put me on "Happy Hold" (the visual that phrase creates cracks me up) and accept my gratitude for creating the opportunity for real change. She is a confident goal orientated independent intelligent women that's beautiful. Seems to be a good foundation for a few more dates. I think this was a good idea to match me with an engineer, it’s never happened before.

When Kinda was walking to the elevator to leave after she signed up , Nicole Mentioned she was going to match her up with me and not only do we have the same birthday, but we are madly in love and always together. Dallas and Fort Worth Singles is a quality matchmaking service that is personalized to the individual. Your value is in being able to do what chance might not ever allow, truly match interests and needs. She's dedicated to her work and building a career for herself. We both enjoy boating, working out, eating healthy, grilling, trying new restaurant and/or venues…I hope to find out if there are more! We have similar thinking and can talk for hours about different things. We both have similar interests with cooking, gardening, reading, travelling and working out. He was handsome, talkative, well educated, and has that “business mind” that I like very much.

The matchmakers that I have been working with have taken the time to get to know me and find me a good match. She is very regimented in her life style, whether it be health related, work or taking care of herself, setting a schedule and following it, etc. I am very impressed with Erik and hope to see him again. She takes care of herself, is beautiful, and I think she likes me. His resume of life experiences is impressive for someone his age. Roland was easy to talk to, a world traveler in Europe and an intellectual on several subjects. I had a great time with him, and hope to receive another call from him soon.

They have carefully matched me based on my personality, interests, and personal preferences to find me my most suitable match in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I can tell you from now we will have many more nights together. Lana is currently taking some additional classes on top of her long work day which keeps her busy and on task. She's independent and strong, I admire her for those qualities. She's a planner and thinks, asked a lot of questions without really divulging what she is trying to inquire about and learn. He is a compatible match for me and I really enjoyed our first date. He’s intelligent, curious, has family values, articulation skills, and faith.

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