Dating website for tall people

Did you know that there is a dating website especially for you? I am excited and curious to interview my today’s guest, Richard: founder and CEO of uk, a UK based online dating site for tall people. While dating, I realised how hard it was to meet and date tall single women.

I used to go to bars with my friends on a “boys night out” hoping to meet women, but on most occasions would find that all women there were way too short.

It became very frustrating, so I thought: surely, there must be a better way for tall people to meet?

One day, I looked for a good website name, so this is how I chose uk.

Firstly and foremost, we restrict our members by height!

It is our requirement that men are above 6ft and women – above 5ft 5.

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Plus, there are a lot of short men with a fetish for tall women.I am sure that they would try to register on your site as soon as they read this interview.Is there some kind of a quality control measure in place to make sure that your members are genuine guys?Regarding people actually putting how tall they are, you raise really a problem to some extent with all dating sites.The truth is that people can lie and there is nothing we can really do to stop that.I can’t, for instance, go to every new member and measure them.

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