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A high school student named Brett Bumpers receives a mysterious package one day.He does not know who gave it to him, but after a while he finds out that the totem within the package can ...See full summary » A young man in Louisville sees his dating failures are related to his always being nice.All of his dates end up going with the rude, obnoxious guys. See full summary » After years of anxious waiting, a suitable heart becomes available for Jill Maddox.It isn't rejected by her body, but feels very strange and seems to change her character completely, ...See full summary » When a California teen with an interest in the occult moves to a New England town, she finds that the town teens believe she is a witch sent to seek revenge on the descendants of the people who originally killed another witch a hundred years earlier.Things take a particularly deadly turn when they convince her to play a seer at a Halloween party where they will feed her information over an earphone about those who enter her tent, only she suddenly sees things beyond their knowledge or help.Single mom Rosemary Zoltanne (Markie Post) and her smart-ass teen daughter Sarah (Sarah Chalke) move from L. to a big house in Massachusetts where a witch was burned at the stake 300 years earlier.

Sarah gets harassing phone calls ("I've been waiting for you!

") and a masked killer with a steel claw lurks around.

This is resolutely typical post SCREAM/I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER fare (supposedly from the "author" of the latter) with offscreen violence, but the performances are surprisingly good and it's watchable, though it all seems like a big build-up to nothing by the end.

I didn't know it at the time when I rented the video, but frequent fade-outs to black and someone credited with the teleplay soon made me realize I'd rented a TV movie that was inexplicably (and erroneously! Don't be expecting to find gore, nudity or four-letter words in this film.

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To find the most current information, please enter your topic of interest into our search box. 12, 2003 -- Popular TV and movie star John Ritter has died from an undetected flaw in his heart called an aortic dissection.

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