Dating love and love ru


Love scammers pretend to be looking for love, engage the affection of their possible victims by using photos from the internet to present a gorgeous view of themselves.

The scammers tell their own cooked up stories and pretend to be loving and caring.

Through back and forth chatting, they try to gain your trust and scrutinize your personal information.

After getting good rapport with you, he or she will ask you to pay their hospital bills, visa fees and other legal expenses.

In an extreme case, you may be contacted by a fake doctor and requested to send huge sum of money for the hospital expense saying that your loved one is in need of surgery or medical assistance. S citizens are losing an average of more than 0,000 dollars in these types of scams.

The cruel scammers target the helpless persons such as divorcees, widows, widowers and differently able persons, who have their residence in America.

The cheaters clearly know that these persons are emotionally instable and want someone's console.

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