Dating in nanaimo


I am a young black African American lady who is willing to socialize, mingle and interact with the now technological world since the physical world seem a little limited to us as far as what we are looking and seeking Hi I am a cute Indian guy full of joy nd happiness.

A great smile and/or eyes to get lost in would put me over the moon :-).I'm drug and disease free, and expect the same.I want someone who is supportive, speaks her mind but doesn't nag, and most importantly, respects me for who I am, not who they think they can turn me into.Hopefully she can cook - I don't mean that a woman's place is in the kitchen, I'm more evolved than that - just that my cooking is awful and we'd end up being poisoned or starving to death, I need remedial help :-).We all know that there has to be some level of attraction, but "attractive" is always subjective.Thin, athletic, or curvy doesn't matter to me as much as how you wear it.

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