Dating fairbanks vega banjos


Sweet looking and resonant Deering Vega Little Wonder banjo presented here for your perusal. Note that all updates are posted at the top of this thread here.

Faibanks Electric 41 late The Vega catalog circa unfortunately did not picture but described in detail the incredible Whyte-Laydie De Luxe dating fairbanks banjos which is prohibitively rare or non-existent. Deering acquired the name "Vega" and began making their Vega line in the mids. A History of the company: The Vega Company Boston Mass.

If the link doesn't work well for you, try the version that Eddie has in the third post of the "cylinder backs" thread of this group.

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While the terms "clawhammer" and "frailing" can be used interchangeably, other old-time players draw a distinction between the two.

On the banjo, frailing most commonly means always picking the drone string, while clawhammer allows the picking of other strings with the thumb, which is also called "drop thumbing".

Some players further distinguish between "drop thumb" and "clawhammer", in which the thumb plays rhythm in drop thumb, but melody in clawhammer.

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