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Zarina Ann Julie , 21, as anyone who’s fond of Malaysian soap knows, is the lead of the drama Anak Pontianak.

She claims that the photos are 'doctored' or 'superimposed'. Heck, we have these topless pictures, with lots of tongue action, so what more can we ask for?You have seen the naked pictures of Zarina Ann Julie which have been circulating on the Internet in recent months.There were two e-mails, one set consists of pictures of her and her friends in clubs.Second, is a set of obscene pictures in which Zarina Ann Julie claimed as super-imposed.But we, forummers at spent a lot of time discussing and from the information they gathered, it is safe for us to say the pictures weren't at all--super-imposed--as she claimed.Malaysian Actress Zarina Ann Julie Nude Sex Photos.

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