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, have also produced a series of short videos based on infographics from the text, under the title The Story Behind the Numbers.

Near the end of my first year of college in San Francisco, I took an acting class.

I just about fell over when I was paired with a Joseph Gordon-Levitt look-a-like for a scene.

Though skinny jeans are not usually my type, he was gorgeous and my mind raced through all sorts of exciting possibilities.

We were assigned somewhat of a romantic scene, and to further our connection I suggested we hold hands at the end.

Though he seemed nervous and even slightly uncomfortable to hold my hand, he did it anyway.

I even told him once that “the girls must be all over him,” to which he gave a confused look and nodded.

With the hope of finding some straight Joseph Gordon-Levitts, my friends and I stick to a somewhat categorized pattern of the city.Most people can name where certain kinds of guys play on Friday nights, depending on the neighborhood region.And no neighborhood or certain group of guys is better than the other, we just choose depending on our own style.It’s typecasting, it’s’s so very true.North Beach and Marina: Think Maggie Mc Garrys and The Blue Light Although most people bemoan how these two neighborhoods contain the majority of San Francisco’s bros, honestly I don't mind their dark-wash, loose fitting jeans and buttoned down shirts with occasional sweater vests thrown in.Short hair and clean shaven faces have their place, as do slick looks and people who make enough money to buy you a drink. So Ma/East Mission: Think 21st Amendment and crowd at Southern Pacific Brewery So Ma is an interesting mix, Giants fans from suburbia flutter in during games, but mostly my girlfriends and I see the techies, or what I like to call, the Madmen Hipsters.

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