Codating com


offers pioneering thin film coating technology, service and equipment, as well as hydrogen fluoride ion cleaning (HFIC).

We continue to improve coating processes – achieving technological advancements that enable our clients to enjoy increased productivity, and allowing us to provide solutions for difficult metal removal and metal forming applications.

The reduced temperature of the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process ensures that the metallurgical and dimensional characteristics of the coated part are not compromised.

The benefit of this process from Ti-Coating – combined with its dense, fine grain structure – results in a product that features tremendous lubricity, hardness and anti-corrosive characteristics.

Contact us today to learn more, or to discuss how we can solve your coating, equipment or cleaning problems. Besides, we take safety as the most important thing. We are improving value of the end-products, promoting quality of life and focusing the environment of nature at the same time. "high-value material" is the principle in current development of products. We take "being the leading supplier of eco-friendly materials" as our vision and strive to develop green materials regarding daily products.We believe only safety work environment can we expanding ambition and vision.

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