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HAROLD B Lfc Llf BRAR\ - BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY PROVO, UTAH b PA GENERAL HISTORY OF THE BURR FAMILY IN AMERICA. and preserves the history of his ancestors." Edmund Burke.

Again, one of the chief uses of the science is that it preserves pedigree ; and pedigree has an intrinsic value in men, as well as in animals, whatever may be thought to the contrary by the unlearned and vulgar.

This deep, underlying principle of humanity forms the basis of Genealogy, and gives strength and solidity to the structure.

classics, in the invention of the Jewish records, and their preservation so that the Saviour's lineage could be traced through them to its source in Adam, in the stern Roman bearing with him in his migra- tion, the carved images of his fathers, and giving them the choicest places in his new home, and, lastly and more markedly, in its power to rouse a slumbering people, when every other resource has failed, and lead them up to new Thermopylae and Nasebys.

We see it in that beautiful custom of the East, which makes an oath sworn by the tomb of ancestors forever sacred — in /Eneas bearing his father from flaming Troy, in the thousand legends and poems of the 6 PREFACE.

Indeed, this forms one of the most pleasing traits of the race, and has obtained among all peoples and in all ages.

This pride of lineage is, un- doubtedly, one of the weakest and most foolish foibles of humanity ; yet there is above and beyond it a veneration and a love for ancestry that is commendable.

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