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wet-your-cargo-shorts-funny that you just couldn’t resist the head-swivel — “This is funny, right? We talked about so many things, including Obama, The L Word, cruise ships, the show, the screenplay she’s working on and her hopes & dreams. The Funny and the Cutest Pug Ever Russel had already been broughten by Julie. Julie: Well, they had a big meeting at the network about how they wanted the show to be more accessible to like, everybody? It just opened it up more, we were able to do more sketches that were about like … It’s still from our perspective, but some of the sketches don’t have a gay bent to it, but yet it’s still that perspective– Riese: Like the queer sensibility…? And then the writers go and write whatever they want and they end up never doing the things that we want but …. [Last year’s Rosie cruise mysteriously selected “New England” as its destination] Julie: Oh yeah! Riese: Are you always funny, even when you have fights, or do you ever get super serious? Riese: You’ve often referenced [in interviews and stand-up] doing drugs in college — What is your favorite?

So let’s talk to him real nicely, and talk about how nice this apartment is. Julie: I generally think not much is funny, but ummmm … But there’s definitely stuff that I don’t like, or stuff that makes me mad like, you know? Riese: Like you feel like there’s so much working happening that there’s not enough time to do the living that you need to have new material and do the work?

: This is [redacted], he’s gonna look at my apartment to see about subletting it. Julie: It’s clean and freshly painted and Riese: Does anything offend you, as an offensive woman? Riese: Are there jokes that you think aren’t funny? But if nothing is happening, then I don’t have anything to feel anything about.

There are things I don’t like, things I think are retarded… I’m gonna move soooo I think I’m going to start developing some new material pretty soon! And I don’t want to see any more gay movies where somebody dies of AIDS or is in a straight relationship and gets turned and then turns back, like fucking I’m over it, we’re beyond it, let’s go.

Get out there, my manager is out there, and my agent is out there, and they think I can get more work so I’m gonna try it.

Julie: I’m going to try and find work, shake it up, mix it up a little bit, you know?

Riese: Actually, for us, it was eight flights because we accidentally walked up the wrong side of your apartment building. I’m looking forward to a lot, the ease of life there. Riese: We’re all basically masochists to live here.

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