Anduvan fucks which women


Reminding me how little time I have until my deadline and how far behind I am does not help. In fact, it makes me write SLOWER because it puts a shitload of pressure on me.

There's some nap time goin' on right here A hibernation to last throughout the years So bring your jammies, and your pillow too We gonna hibernate all weekend clear through Come on now Star crossed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Support these comics at For prints and commissions, email me at [email protected]:) #happy #cute #wholesome #illustrations #aww #friends #funny #memes #depression #comics #love C1c6ls Lr cis person: im sorry its just so strange to refer to a single person as 'they' *literally a day later* cis person: so i was talking to my friend and they me: is your friend 2 people? me, my neck twisting in huge knots like a pretzel: I S E E J: [makes brilliant suggestion] Me: OH!

La última parte es tu mayor victoria según mi criterio y debo decir que estoy VERDADERAMENTE animada por esto y me siento enormemente liberada.

Gracias por hacerme saber que no estoy loca (incluso aunque tuve que afrontarlo unas cuantas veces) (Los) liberales mandan en Hollywood y ha supuesto UN FRÍO MUNDO PARA MÍ (estar) AQUÍ FUERA COMO SEGUIDORA DE TRUMP.

Te deseo la mejor de las suertes y gracias de nuevo.

Sinceramente – AB #TRUMP2017″ Por si Internet no había tenido bastante, minutos más tarde insistía haciendo suyo el lema de campaña de Trump: “Make Azealia Great Again”.

¿Para cuándo un papel protagonista en una peli de Clint Eastwood?

First off, I would like to apologize to Donald Trump for all the stupid jokes I made. secondly, I would like to apologize for all the other times I was dumb enough to let the liberal media sway my opinion of you. One for being a gemini, two for being from NYC, three for winning the presidency and four for beating the media.

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