An error occurred while consolidating disks msg fileio lock 3ds chat room for sex


Hi People, After manually committing the VMware snapshot, why I got the message Configuration issues VMware Disk consolidation is needed ?How do I do that and is there any outage caused by doing this action to the currently running Production SQL Server VM.Hi Andrew, It happened on the Yes, one of the HPE Lefthand LUN, but different to the other broken VMFS LUNs (separate 1 TB backup LUN): Only Disk 5 have this problem: [PRODSQL01_Backup] PRODSQL01/PRODSQL01-000003When I do the manual consolidation, I got this: Consolidate virtual machine disk files Unable to access file since it is locked An error occurred while consolidating disks: msg. I tried: language=en_US&cmd=display KC&external Id=2003638 but still not resolving my issue. it kills my SQL Server VM once again :-| I thought only the VM HDD 5 that is going to be impacted, but then how come the whole VM is now down ?thats your snapshot file - hence why the consolidation warning pops up, but consolidation warning is dumb all it looks for and detects, if it finds a file with -0000x.vmdk, it displays! it is moving very slowly 1% per 15 minutes just for the 670 GB of VMDK.

To cut the story short, Veeam Backup was failed since VCenter VM was taken offline abruptly all in a sudden after hours due to Thin LUN on HPE Lefthand was full. and whilst your Lefthand is in the states it's in, I would not be doing any VM manipulations. Lesson learnt: Backing up large & busy SQL server Veeam backup with VMware snapshot is a very risky business :-| After every backup you need to check for SNAPSHOTS! but slow datastores can result in VMs stuck writing to a snapshot disk. Snapshot Merges, take time, seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks. depending on the size of the snapshot, and speed of datastore, and if this is your slow Lefthand SAN....will be even worse. Today while working in our production environment where our monitoring system has generated an alert for one of the v Center server appliance.The alert was ” disk consolidation needed for server xyz” On checking the v Center VM status from management v Center console I found that there as an yellow warning on the same and selecting the summary tab also confirmed the same error message about disk consolidation.We are using EMC Avamar backup solution and my guess is Avamar failed to cleanup the snapshot which it took on the vcsa vm after backup.I tried to consolidate the disk by going to snapshot manager for the vcsa VM and hitting consolidate button but it was failing with error “An error occured while consolidating disks:msgs.fileio.locked” I was not sure why this error is coming while doing consolidation and while searching for solution I came across this blog where the issue have been addressed.

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