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I've been married for several years and my wife's ability to seduce or romance me sucks!

I hate the fact that the only time we have sex is when, where, and how she wants it.

It sometimes seems like she is just fulfilling her wifely duties... I have tried books, romance, dating, toys, lubes, movies (not hardcore, but those on how to find the G-spot or creative lovemaking), and fantasy magazines. There are times in all relationships where the sex becomes a little dull, but if you are ready to leave then it is time for a serious chat with her.

I am at the end of my rope and to be honest, if we did not have children, I would have probably left a long time ago. So, what happens when a spouse thinks their partner is lousy in bed or doesnt have the same sex drive as you? Second, it opens up the door for the person, whose needs are not being met, to consider leaving the relationship; or worse, cheat on them and possibly bringing home a STD. You obviously are trying different ways to spice it up sexually! Maybe she just doesnt get the severity of your frustration and thinks this is the way that marriage works.

Please understand, I do love my wife and I consider her the best person I know, but I'm tired of being lonely and I'm damn sure tired of finding mostly stories about how bad all us men are. Did she come from a loving family or one that is very detached from their emotions and bodies?

It all makes a difference as to how much she is able to open her mind and try to want to become more sexually free for her and for you!

Most of us learn how to be a spouse from watching our parents.

Not the best way to learn, but it does give us patterns as to how to deal with sexual needs and our ability to allow ourselves to be sexually open-minded, or not.

It sounds here as if the responsibility for initiating sexual encounters is falling predominately on you, the male spouse.We often hear the frustration of not having a female partner who tries to initiate or seduce their guyeven though he really likes this part of sex play.Many men want their wife to spice up their sexual relationships by role playing with costumes or pretending they are strangers or any other ways to show their wild, impulsive side.There is nothing wrong with wanting your spouse to also be your best fantasy.Some women were taught that sex is to be tolerated, but not enjoyedso they merely "fulfill their wifely duties." This is sad, but many women are not programmed to allow themselves to be a "bad girl," or "slutty" in the bedroom.Many women may not even know if they are having an orgasm because they have not explored themselves (masturbation) in order to find out what really feels good to them.

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