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I am interested in offering a home, what is the process involved with adopting a cat? An adult only home with previous experience of cats would be able to consider choosing nervous cats or kittens.

Once you have had a successful home visit we can arrange for you to meet cats and kittens, the rescue centres are very flexible with timing and are available BY APPOINTMENT, days, evenings and weekends. We already have a cat and have been considering adopting another – is this a good idea? The home visitor will arrange an appointment with you that is convenient for you both, this is usually possible within a few days if you are immediately ready to adopt cats. We can carry out home visits in the day, evenings or at weekends. Does CHAT rescue and rehome other animals as well as cats? We also want to feel reassured that our cats are going to good, permanent new homes where they will be well cared for. We carry out home visits to provide any advice you require about caring for and settling in new cats or kittens and to discuss further what 'sort' of cats or kittens you would be interested in offering a home to and would be suitable for you, your home and lifestyle. A member of the Rehoming Team for the Branch you have contacted will phone you back to discuss your enquiry and offer of a home, if from this discussion it is likely that we have cats that will suit you and you will be interested in then a home visit at your home will be arranged.

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