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Although topless sunbathing is widely acceptable in Jamaica, spots for full-on nude sunbathing are a little scarce -- but there are a handful of good resort options for vacationers who prefer to tan au naturel, whether they are spring breakers or moms trying to avoid tan lines.If private beaches, a la carte dining, and a first class choice of facilities and service sound like your kind of holiday, then you’re in the right place.

If you’re a little more uninhibited (perhaps you were a streaker as a toddler) and are up for some adventure au naturel, then read on.Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, on Seven Mile Beach In addition to the luscious, clear blue water, intoxicating tropical foliage and soft, foot-loving sand (all the amazing natural beauty that you visit this part of the world to enjoy), this resort offers some options when it comes to the question of baring your birthday suit – or not.The “Prude” Side: This is the tamer, quieter clothing optional side. However, one is required to be nude, clothes-less, naked as a jaybird.You can read, sleep, listen to music, sip on fruity, frozen beverages. Word on the beach is that this scene is geared towards those who are more daring, and open to a bit more of a festive atmosphere.At Hedonism, you can get the best of both freaky worlds when it comes to clothing optional beaches.The upside, as it were, to an all-nude situation is once the novelty of seeing people turned out in their natural selves wears off, you can go on with relaxing and forget about it.

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