Adult chat jobs sending messages

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get paid for texting? With the proliferation of smartphones and apps (and by extension text messages) in the modern society, it was about time for somebody to come up with a business involving paid text messages.One company, in particular, seems to have made it big in this fairly new industry. If you like the idea of making extra money answering questions through text messages, you will like Cha Cha. Cha Cha is not just another company in the conventional sense.They have a fairly unique business model, though straightforward enough; i.e.they help the users to find answers on a wide range of subjects.

It is ultimately a volume game, so the way to more earning is to send out more text!If the idea of getting paid to text appeals to you, check out Cha Cha’s site and fill out the application form.If they like you enough, you’ll get a confirmation email with details about their orientation and training.After all the preparatory work, you will be presented with a “Role Readiness Test”, which is sort of assessment on your readiness to answer questions live.Assuming you pass all these processes unscathed, you will be made an official Cha Cha guide.That’s when you can start getting paid for texting.

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