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With Qustodio you'll have more information to help protect your kids against the growing number of serious online issues such as viewing inappropriate content, cyberbullying, cyberpredators and screen addiction.This is the most common error when activating Many Cam; it happens because Many Cam is most likely being blocked by a Firewall of some sort that is limiting its access to the internet.To fix this error you will need to either allow Many Cam through any active Firewalls, or temporarily disable any active Firewalls so that Many Cam can reach our database.This happens because Many Cam limits the number of activations each code can have at once, if you have your license activated on any other machines and you would like to switch it to another one, you can do so by going to the “About” tab in Many Cam and clicking “Deactivate License”.If you reformatted or changed computers and are unable to do this, please contact our helpdesk at [email protected] we will reset your activation code for you.There are a couple different things that could be causing this but the most common is that you are trying to use your Many Cam 4 license with Many Cam 3 or vice versa.Make sure you have the appropriate version of Many Cam that goes with your license.If you aren’t sure which one you have feel free to contact the helpdesk at [email protected]

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The code must be as follows: XXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXX (5 groups, 8 symbols each) Webcams tend to use a lot of USB bandwidth and separating the cameras onto different USB controllers (I. - 3 in front 3 in back or 2 in front 4 in back, ETC ) can potentially help reduce the bandwidth load on each controller allowing your computer to read more Webcams at a time.Many IP Cameras have some extra information that may be needed in order for Many Cam to be able to reach them.The most common fix for this problem is to input the IP Address as follows. user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] Replacing [IPADDRESS], [USERNAME] and [PASSWORD] with the appropriate information.If you’re still having problems connecting to your IP Camera, please contact [email protected] assistance.Many Cam has support for the MJPEG video format which is supported by most IP Cameras, please make sure that your camera does support this format.If It does support this format but also other formats, you may need to go to the IP Cameras settings and change the format that it’s putting out to MJPEG.

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