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I have also decided to take a step back from my personal social media and all the attention it drew to me.

This site catalogs the news from Western New York's High School and college volleyball scene in order to provide greater recognition for the players, their hard work and achievement as well as awareness for the sport of volleyball.

For the next few episodes, Devin undergoes what Spud describes as the "Seven Stages of Heartbreak" where he is initially in denial or rejects the break up before suffering from mood swings and become easily agitated.

After a British tabloid claimed that the 23-year-old singer confirmed he was dating actress Lily Collins, he took to Twitter to let his fans know that he's still on the market.

That is all," Nick -- who's also been romantically linked to Kate Hudson -- tweeted on Friday morning."Hate when liberties are taken for headlines." Nick and Lily, 27, were rumored to be dating back in February, when a source for ET said the pair, along with a group of friends, spent a weekend together at Mammoth Mountain, a ski resort in California.

Five of the couples are still together, including season 1's Ethan Diamond and Amber Lee, who are married and welcomed a daughter soon after their time on the show.

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