10 dating rule


Most women who are dating want to be treated the way they deserve by a man.

However, women make the same mistakes every now and then.

When you have been in multiple broken relationships, it is normal to feel disappointed and in no mood to enjoy dating.

Being in such a situation, you should give yourself a break.

When you are disappointed with your dating life, this negative energy will repel potential men away from you.

Feeling sorry for yourself will not solve your problems. You will be able to reflect on your personal life, why your relationships are not successful, and how you should change them. Call upon the law of attraction and with your positive energy, you will be prepared to start dating again.

If you do not feel confident to date again, you need to fake it until you feel it. You should avoid comparing yourself to other women.

Women who ooze confidence love life, and they hardly complain about themselves. You have your own path to follow in life just like others.

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